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Franco-Ecuadorian architect indisputably classic in style, eclectic in heart and contemporary in art. He studied at the École Spéciale d'Architecture University in Paris with a master's degree at Columbia University in New York in advanced architectural design.



Residential projects

Professional spaces

Retail spaces

Interior Design - selected accomplishments




ECX Gallery:

2017-today: Art Curator in Quito combining collective and individual shows with a focus on auctions of objets d'art as well as antique and vintage pieces. Auctioneer-in-chief.

Ghibli Gallery:

2015-2017: Curator of an Art Gallery in Quito specializing in collective and individual shows with a strong focus on art, design, custom pieces, and urban art.


Creative Director

Paseo San Francisco Shopping Mall:

Marketing Supervisor, social media manager, events coordinator and part of the architecture team. Supervisor of new retail space designs, including Mundomac, The Owl, Cassis, La Fiesteria, among others.

Concept and design of 7 yearly marketing campaigns for the entire mall.

Yoo Cumbaya:

Inaugural event concept and design for the new Uribe/Schwarzkopf building complex, YOO Cumbaya.

Promotional events for the summer calendar 2018.

Grupo KFC:

Summer 2018: Image and design consultant for flagship EL ESPAÑOL store/showroom in Cumbaya.

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