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Franco-Ecuadorian integral designer and entrepreneur, he is Creática Global Founding Director. Enzo has obtained his experience traveling through the world of graphic, advertising, and industrial design for more than 25 years:


CEO and General Director  - Creática Global Quito/Ecuador (2007-2020)

Internal Advisor - Mediterranean Communication (2005-2007)

Creative Associate DeMaruri / Gray Advertising Ecuador (1997-2000)

Graphic Director - Fergo Saatchi & Saatchi Panamá

He has worked for brands in Ecuador, Canada, Panama, Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Russia, and the U.S. in addition to social, political and government projects.


Finalist BID (International Design Biennal) 2016 - Madrid

7 Awards to the Best EUROFLORA Stand 2011 - Italy / Genova

1 Award to Best Stand Category Suppliers. Agriflor Fair 2008- Ecuador

1 Award to Best Stand Category Suppliers. Agriflor Fair 2010 - Ecuador

1 Biennial Award of National Design Category Logos - Ecuador 2004 2 Condor Awards - Ecuador 1999

1 Caribbean Magazine Category Award - Panama 1994

2 San Violentin 2012 Poster Contest finalists.


2016 Clap International Design Awards (Argentina)

2015 Clap International Design Awards (Argentina)

2005 Fashion week Quito 

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