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Mathieu de Genot

We have architects who transform their design into art. One of them is Mathieu de Genot, who has produced a chair worthy of the greatest world furniture makers.

These chairs could follow the footsteps of their counterparts Eero Aarnio and Philippe Stark. This is the quality of furniture we would like in our rooms because of its refined finishes, its colors, and the unique relevance of its design.


Boa chair

Chair that hugs you.

The richness of the Andean patterns and colors in a chair that transcends folklore and becomes a piece of contemporary Ecuadorian design. Each part of the leather finds a support in the design of the chair to give the feeling of a hug.


The materialization of color.

The sashes that dress the seats have ancestral patterns, with unusual shapes and colors, which come to life within unique combinations.

A chair designed with native fabrics from the Otavalo culture. A furniture that has nothing to envy to the great classic chair designs.


Otavaleñas handwoven sashes (poliester & cotton)
Seike wood structure
Size: 84cms (W) x 71 cms (H) x 58 cms (L)

Weight: 10kg



Black & White


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