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"Who" are Camaquen

"Who" is Camaquen?

We cannot talk about "what" Camaquen is but of all the creators and staff that make up this Ecuadorian Art and Design Collective.


Some have won awards around the world, others are artisans who need to boost their work, and all today join Camaquen to showcase the recent collections of their "most special" products.

We want to impact the world with our proposals. Let's start with you. Welcome!

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The recovery of our arts leads us to the development of products with tradition. We start from the legacy of our culture and we take it to modern and organic design. 

"Why" Camaquen?

"Why" Camaquen

I choose Camaquen because

All of our beautiful gifts and art pieces represents the spirit of Ecuadorian design

Camaquen products are very special. They have colors and designs based on our ancient culture. Its textures and shapes allow each object to be cozy and attractive. A perfect gift for home.

We help our
local designers
to fulfill their

Many ecuadorian designers create incredible products that must be known in the world. This is why Camaquen brings together those who deserve international achievements for creating and producing articles of exceptional originality and quality.

We collaborate with artisan communities that need to be known

Ecuadorian families cultivate these admirable skills and preserve their ancestral traditions. Thanks to Camaquen, artisans achieve family stability by producing highly desirable objects of added value in international markets.


Our best designs

Become a stockist or distributor now.

There are a few different ways you can buy Camaquen products.

Buy direct from our website or sending an e-mail to us.

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Av. Francisco de Orellana

Edif. Coelho Plaza - Terraza.

Cumbayá - Quito - Ecuador

T +593.2.289.5466

M +593.999.217.394


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