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"Who" is Camaquen?

We cannot talk about "what" Camaquen is but of all the creators comprising this Ecuadorian Art and Design Collective. Many of them have won awards in different cities of the world and today they use this platform to show the most recent collections of their "most special" products.

Our design development, the recovery of our arts, and the product's construction based on our culture have led our creators to impact the world with their proposals.

Camaquen works to provide every season a very select collection of the most special local art and design products, whether for decorative or utilitarian use.


"Why" Camaquen

3 reasons

to choose Camaquen

The spirit of Ecuadorian design is a beautiful gift
To help our
local designers
to fulfill their
To collaborate with handicrafts communities

Our best designs


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Cumbayá - Quito - Ecuador

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